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Discover genARate

genARate is a powerful Augmented Reality platform that's quick and simple to use, and allows you to upgrade your printed materials or any marketing asset, and transform them into immersive 3D experiences.

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Now you can add a new dimension to your business

Watch this short video to find out how genARate can bring your business to life. Whether you're a small business, agency or print production company, genARate gives you the power to overlay video, animations, or 3D models onto printed materials to create rich media communications.

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What is genARate?

We like to call it the PowerPoint of AR, because it's simply that easy to use. Read along & find out what genARate can do for you and your business. In case you still have questions, feel free to book your genARate demo here.

Transform 2D Into 3D Experiences

With our genARate augmented reality tool, you can easily transform 2D into stunning 3D experiences. What is best about our AR software is that you don’t need any coding skills or previous experience with Augmented Reality. Discover our free genARate trial and find out how to animate 2D prints with 3D objects, so they turn into interactive elements.
What are you waiting for? Experience the magic of genARate now!

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The PowerPoint of AR

Create your AR experiences with just a few simple clicks using our state of the Art drag & drop editor - No programming or advanced design skills required. For those of you who want to put their advanced programming skills into action, genARate is code-friendly too!

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A single creator for limitless AR experiences

Make use of our two creation modes: AR.Tiles or AR.Create - You can either create a semi-automated one stop AR experience within minutes or use the drag and drop editor to enjoy full flexibility within your creation process.

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What can genARate do for you?

Augmented reality is not just a trendy buzzword. We believe it's a trend that is here to stay and so do many businesses. See what genARate can help you with, and if you're still not sure how to put genARate to use, book your demo here.

Now you can make your print campaigns pop

Whether you're a small or large business, if you have anything to do with Print materials, you already know there are plenty of ways to tie Print to Digital. With genARate we want to enable you to think bigger and add another dimension to your Print activities.

Using genARate will give you the power to overlay video, animations, or 3D models onto printed materials to create rich media communications. This means you can now transform a 2D Print material into a breathtaking 3D experience.

genARate for Print houses

Transform 2D printed materials into 3D experiences

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Breathe new life into your business

With genARate you can bring new life to your business, Sometimes that could mean bringing old life back & genARate gives you all the needed tools for that.

Taking advantage of all the possibilities Augmented Reality has to offer has never been so easy. Transform traditional 2D content into 3D experiences in no time and with no coding required!

genARate for Businesses

Take content from average to awesome in no time

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From vision to life within minutes

As an agency you always strive to achieve the balance between perfection & speed. With genARate you can take clients' content from standard to standout in no time. Keep clients happines up, and bring costs down.

Manage and report on multiple client accounts with ease, all within genARAte! Give your clients one more "WOW" moment.

genARate for Agencies

Keep costs down and client happiness up.

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What people say about us

"With AR, we have truly pushed the boundaries of what print magazines can achieve. The real value add has been the ability to give readers enhanced insights intothe lives of our vendors, as their stories come to life right in front of their eyes."

Oliver Waddington
Customer "The Big Issue",
Head of Custom Content

"For us in fashion industry AR experiences, like the ones you can create with genARate, are a very interesting technology! AR allows us to have an interaction with our audiences in a way we were not able until now."

Eduarda Abbondanza
Lisbon Fashion Week,

"With several years of experience in Augmented Reality we just recently got in touch with genARate and I can definitely say that it is one of the best print AR tools out there!"

Michael Katzlberger
Agency „Tunnel23",

Why Augmented Reality?

Check out the hard facts behind AR's success in marketing

Higher Engagement

AR content already receives 200% more engagement than online & TV.


Consumers love it

63% of online shoppers believe AR will improve their experience.


More Memorable


AR content is up to 300% more memorable than TV.

AR is the new norm


67% of media & ads buyers want AR in their digital marketing campaigns.

AR has direct impact on conversion rates

AR can improve conversion rates on campaigns with up to 27%.


AR is already here to stay

48% of online shoppers are already using AR in their buying decisions.