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Get started with the genARate app today

The best content deserves the best possible user experience. The genARate mobile app allows you to quickly and affordably get started with AR. If you already have your own app, you can use the genARate SDK to inject new life into your business.

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genARate App

No need to have your own app. Get started with our free to use genARate App and start publishing AR experiences.

Plug-N-Play SDK

Bring the power of AR to your own app by integrating the genARate AR SDK. Supported on both Android and iOS, you can integrate it into all your apps.

White-Label App

No app, no problem! Our team can build one for you. Let us do the heavy lifting, while you let your creativity run wild with genARate.

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Get started with genARate app:

No need to develop your own custom app

Just sign up for genARate, build your AR experiences & utilise our app to start sharing your work with the world!

No hidden costs

Nobody likes hidden costs that just appear along the way. Yes, the app is free & yes, you will not have to watch a single ad! Only your content!

No need to go through an app submission process

You don't need a developer account for anything, you don't need to go through lengthy & confusing app submissions.

Get started immediately

Using the genARate app allows you to start building & sharing your AR experiences right on the same day!

Get started with genARate SDK:

Bring the power of AR to your app

Integrate the genARate SDK into your own existing app & bring take advantage of all our features, from image tracking, to bringing content right in front of the user.

Boost performance

With the power of AR at your fingertips, you can boost app downloads, keep engagement up & wow your users.

Implement genARate into any app

You run & maintain a few different apps, and you want genARate to be included in each of them? We've got you. You can implement the genARate SDK into any app.

Available for iOS & Android

Have an iOS app? Or an Android app? Got both? That's okay, the genARate SDK is a an easy Plug-n-Play solution that works seamlessly with both platforms.

Don't have an app?
Our team can build one:

No app? No problem!

Our team can work with you to build your very own custom branded app based on your requirements & specifications.

From no app to a future proof one!

It's not necessary for you to be an app building expert, let us do the work so your users can enjoy a "state-of-art" app experience.

No knowledge in app store submissions?

Whether you already have an app or we are building it for you, we can always guide you in the submission process! From publishing, to app store images, we can help you with everything in the process.

iOS & Android ready

We cover both the leading platforms in order to set you up for success in the best way possible! Get in touch now & find out how we can work together on building your custom app today.

What people say about us

"With AR, we have truly pushed the boundaries of what print magazines can achieve. The real value add has been the ability to give readers enhanced insights intothe lives of our vendors, as their stories come to life right in front of their eyes."

Oliver Waddington
Customer "The Big Issue",
Head of Custom Content

"For us in fashion industry AR experiences, like the ones you can create with genARate, are a very interesting technology! AR allows us to have an interaction with our audiences in a way we were not able until now."

Eduarda Abbondanza
Lisbon Fashion Week,

"With several years of experience in Augmented Reality we just recently got in touch with genARate and I can definitely say that it is one of the best print AR tools out there!"

Michael Katzlberger
Agency „Tunnel23",