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What's New?
genARate Release Notes

We are regularly updating genARate Studio as well as our mobile app(s). See below a list of all changes, newly implemented features and bug fixes.

November 8, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.7)
  • Fixed an issue that Trial users could not create new projects
  • Fixed an issue when browsing the signup / login page on a mobile phone.

October 18, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.6)
  • Fixed an issue with responsiveness of signup pages

October 4, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.5)
  • We worked on the responsiveness of the signup experience.
  • Added a hint that currently the Facebook Like button is not working in all countries.
  • Fixed an issue that the Play/Pause button did not work properly on iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue in reporting that one graph showed different values than the corresponding table.
  • Fixed an issue that social augmentations made underlying content unclickable.

August 30, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.4)
  • We have updated several libraries we are using to provide the best possible experience to our users.
  • Fixed an issue with button logic - the video play/pause toggle is now again working as designed
  • Fixed an issue that audio playback was stopped when opening a contact / event object
Mobile Apps (Android 2.3.6 and iOS 2.3.6)
  • Updated several libraries both for the Android and iOS version.
  • Updated the genARate SDK to comply with iOS 15 requirements

August 16, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.3)
  • User Interface
    • We have completely overhauled the sign-up experience and avoided some glitches during the signup process.
  • Fixed an issue that that no loading indicator does appear when changing the data range, client or mobile app.
  • Fixed an issue when searching for projects the cards get distorted.
  • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances Instagram posts are not loaded in the editor.
  • Fixed some typos.

July 19, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.2)
  • We have updated several libraries we are using to provide the best possible experience to our users.
  • User Interface
    • Introduced new onboarding tutorials.
    • Added conversational bot for better and improved user guidance through onboarding as well as for experienced user.
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances the project view was broken and did not show all linked projects of a user.
  • Fixed an issue that adding too many languages to a WonderPage did break the layout.
  • Fixed an issue that updating a target image on an AR.Tile page caused errors when rendering the tiles in the editor preview window.
Mobile Apps (Android 2.3.2 and iOS 2.3.3)
  • Updated several libraries both for the Android and iOS version.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS that causes the app to crash with an "Empty response error".

May 31, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.1)
New features
  • Added new content-type: Instagram (available under social media)
  • Added possibility to share feedback with the genARate team - whether it is a bug report or a feature request.
  • Added a live chat feature to genARate Studio
  • Reporting
    • Added "downloaded data" to export of project view
    • Added app name to WonderPage view
  • User Interface
    • Updated design for signup and login page
  • Fixed an issue with naming of automatic created projects.
  • Fixed an issue with asset manager.
  • Fixed an issue in reporting for WonderPages that started with a "0".
  • Fixed an issue that WonderPages that included animated gifs could not be saved.
  • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances when clicking on the dashboard an infinite loading animation has been shown.
  • Fixed an issue that WonderPage name changes did not show up correctly in project overview.

May 3, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 3.0.0)
New features
  • Go live of our new support page which features completely overhauled content and is now integrated into the genARate Studio experience.
  • We have launched an integrated online shop to order and buy subscriptions.
  • Editor
    • Template pages are now added to the top, so you can always find them.
    • Improved workflow for creating new WonderPages.
  • Target management
    • We finetuned the similarity check which helps identifying duplicated (or similar) targets.
  • Several
    • Updated transactional Email text and design.
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances preview images are not rendered correct.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents user from copy and pasting WonderPages.
  • Fixed an issue with copying augmentations that animations have not been copied.
  • Fixed an issue with counting the number of scans.
  • Fixed an issue that on some iOS devices an error was thrown when scanning a page.
  • Fixed an issue with multi-language pages that fallback content was not shown.
  • Fixed an issue when replacing an already existing target image.
  • Fixed an issue that HTML AR content was not rendered on the right position.
  • Fixed an issue in reporting that the diagram for iOS showed each OS twice.

March 10, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.9)
New features
  • With this release, we introduce the new and updated project view with an improved WonderPage creation process, better search and filter capabilities, less space used for browsing projects, and an additional view to access pages despite their project access
  • Editor
    • We added a toggle to (de)activate the visual indication of the tracking area in the standard editor view.
    • You can now deselect augmentation by clicking into empty space.
  • Target management
    • We improved the similarity check to identify duplicate and similar targets.
  • User Interface
    • Adjusted design of home screen/dashboard and included possibility to create a new WonderPage without opening the project view first
    • Added a button in the header to access support information
    • We changed the positioning and look and feel of notifications and error messages.
    • Improved consistency of breadcrumb logic
  • Reporting
    • Advanced filtering allows selecting apps independent from clients
  • Fixed an issue with a duplicate check when publishing a WonderPage.
  • Fixed an issue that AR content was shown too small when a tracking area was defined.
  • Fixed an issue that filtering in project overview did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue that clients have not been able to access read-only projects (WonderPage templates)
  • Fixed an issue when checking the validity of URLs when added to buttons
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances copying and pasting WonderPages did not work.
  • Fixed an issue to identify old – not supported – browser.

January 25, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.8)
New features
  • The target management now allows the user to define the tracking area within the target image.
  • Fixed an error with AR.Tile that the settings dialog did not work properly after creating a new tile.
  • Fixed an issue that the testing feature did not work when adding a second language.
  • Fixed an issue that long scene names did crash the editor.
  • Fixed an issue that older version of the mobile apps did not work properly with updated content.
Mobile Apps (Android 2.2.10 and iOS 2.2.7)
New features
  • Added a diagnostic feature to the mobile app .
  • Fixed an issue on iOS that the app stopped working when returning from lock screen

January 19, 2021

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.7)
New features
  • Added new functionalities to target management: genARate Studio now provides more feedback on the quality of a target image such as tracking, distribution rating, size and aspect ratio.
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • Added highlighting for current day in datepicker
    • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances users did not see all data linked to their account
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the option to use URLs like or as button actions for opening external websites
  • Fixed an issue with copy and pasting audio files.
  • Fixed an issue with detecting duplicate targets.

December 7, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.6)
New features
  • You can now set entry / exit animations for each object on scene changes.
  • Alpha videos are now supporting a “tilt” (45°, 60°, 90°) to create a 2.5D effect
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • Reports can now be opened in a new browser tab / browser window
    • Download of WonderPage report was empty
  • Fixed an issue with alpha videos when turning from landscape to portrait mode
  • Fixed an issue that certain images could not be used as target.
  • Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances the detection of duplicate targets did not work
  • Fixed an issue that editing a link augmentation on an AR.Tile page did crash the browser.
  • Fixed an issue that certain user did not see advanced reporting features although their subscription did include those features.

November 23, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.5)
New features
  • The page editor for AR.Tile pages is now supporting multi-selecting tiles as well as copy and paste.
  • Re-arranged user menu and added link to the legal section in the footer and user menu
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • no data is shown when “all clients” is selected
    • no data is shown when only one day is selected in date range
    • we improved the loading speed of several reports
  • Fixed an issue showing the wrong number of WonderPages on the “project cards”
  • Fixed performance issues on dashboard and project overview.

November 9, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.4)
New features
  • Added possibility to use transparency in videos – when uploading a local video you can now choose a background color for “greenscreen-like” effects
  • The page editor is now supporting keyboard shortcuts for copying (ctrl+c) and pasting (ctrl+v) and deleting (del, backspace) objects and undo (ctl+z) / redo (ctr-y) the last action(s).
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • We learned the reporting how to correctly count scans
  • Fixed an issue with newly created projects – their default status is now “published”
  • Fixed an issue with client filter dropdown in project overview – the chosen client can now be deleted with one mouseclick
  • We aligned the behavior when returning from external content for AR.Create and AR.Tile experiences
  • Fixed an issue that converted a button to an image when adding a background image to the button
  • Fixed an issue that trial users could not create new pages
  • Fixed an issue in asset manager – now it shows more than just the first 15 assets
  • Fixed an issue with rendering buttons using transparent background images
Mobile Apps (Android 2.2.09 and iOS 2.2.5)
  • Added support for transparent videos
  • Fixed developer mode on Android
  • Fixed issue that after testing a page the screen went black on iOS

October 27, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.3)
New features
  • Improved data picker in reporting – it is now way easier to select a date range and compare data with previous period
  • We split color and transparency settings for contact and calendar items on AR.Tile pages and added the possibility to set a button text color.
  • Added new preview design for AR.Tile pages
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • Improved geo map
    • Reduced whitespace in reporting area
    • Fixed issue that under certain circumstances the length of an app session is not calculated correct
  • Fixed an issue with publishing pages with more than one content language.
  • Fixed an issue within asset manager – tags are now working correct again.
  • Fixed an error with copy and pasting WonderPages
  • Fixed an issue that read-only projects have not been visible to non-admin users
  • Fixed several issue with displaying data in Firefox
  • Fixed some minor issues with showing content from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Changed data synchronisation so the displayed data is now way more accurate
  • Fixed several issues with translated versions of genARate studio – on some pages no buttons with translated text has been shown.
  • Several loading speed improvements for the Augmentation Engine.
  • Updated internal libraries
Mobile Apps (Android 2.2.08 and iOS 2.2.4)
  • Added support for transparent videos
  • Fixed developer mode on Android
  • Fixed issue that after testing a page the screen went black on iOS

September 28, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.2)
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • Fixed number formating
    • Added missing data in CSV export
    • Fixed issue with formating in date selector
    • Added events for video augmentation on AR.Tile pages (play, stop, pause)
    • Added events for 3D augmentation on AR.Tile pages (show, hide)
    • Added events for button augmentation on AR.Create pages (scene change)
    • Added events for page type “Special Augmentation”
  • Adjusted workflow for uploading GIFs
  • Fixed look & feel from dropdowns in reporting
  • Improved loading time of dashboard
  • Fixed an error with copy and pasting WonderPages
  • Fixed an error with copy and pasting augmentations to other scenes
  • Fixed an issue to automatically distribute new Augmented Engines to already published WonderPages
  • Fixed an issue when inserting a non-valid link for Twitter “Embed Timeline” function
  • Fixed an issue that “read-only” projects are not visible
  • Fixed an issue that hinders trial users to create new WonderPages
Mobile Apps (Android 2.2.06 and iOS 2.2.3)
  • Markers for placing a 3D model in AR.Tile have now a more neutral design
  • Fixed an issue in screenshot / share feature which did not work properly for certain Vimeo videos
  • Fixed an issue that placing a 3D model did not work on newer iPads
  • Fixed an issue that on certain Android devices AR content is not shown.

September 14, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0.1)
New features
  • Introduced version numbering in footer on dashboard
  • Added translation for German, Italian, Polish, Spanish
  • Fixed several issues in reporting
    • WonderPage name filter in interaction report not working
    • Different metrics used in augmentation report
    • Number formatting in app overview report
  • Fixed an issue that under some circumstances 3D models are not shown.
  • Fixed an issue with videos not playing automatically
  • Fixed issue with trial conversion of trial users
  • Fixed several issues in user administration
Mobile Apps (Android 2.2.05 and iOS 2.2.3)
  • Fixed an issue with embedded videos from Vimeo
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally 3D models are shown too small.

August, 2020

genARate Studio (Version 2.0)
  • New page type: We are introducing a completely new concept to genARate studio called AR.Tile. Be prepared to present AR to your users in an entirely new way.
  • Better 3D capabilities: you can now use genARate to place your 3D model on any surface in your room.
  • Improved Analytics: Dive into enhanced reports, get detailed feedback on interactions for each project and WonderPage.
  • Improved Recognition: Bigger, faster, better! We have completely rewritten the image recognition to offer a more reliable AR experience. It now takes less time until a target is recognized.
  • Support for transparent target images
  • New user management: It might be a small step for you, but it’s a giant leap for us. We have completely rewritten the whole user and rights management. This gives us now way more possibilities to better serve your needs.
  • Stability improvements: nobody is perfect – neither are we! We fixed a lot of bigger and smaller bugs and increased the overall stability of the genARate studio and mobile apps.
Mobile Apps
  • Added Support for AR.Tile and new cloud recognition.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

February, 2020

genARate Studio
  • Content Type Social:
    • Now it is able to embed Facebook pages, group pages, posts and Like buttons
    • LinkedIn Badges can now be embedded as well
  • Multiple Scenes : Allows a user to create several scenes for one WonderPage in order to have a more productive and easier creation of AR experiences
  • Asset Manager: Categories and Filters have been added
  • It is now possible to multiselect several augmentations by drawing a frame (using the mouse) instead of selecting one augmentation after another with several mouse clicks
Mobile Apps
  • A “Share” button has been added: users can now take a screenshot of the AR Experience and save it in the phone’s gallery or share it (depending on the installed apps)

November, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Contact: A contact saved via the app in the phone’s contacts (including e.g. phone number and e-mail address)
  • Calendar Event: An object can be used to add events (including e.g. time and address) to the user’s phone calendar.
  • Videos – Vimeo: genARate now supports the use of Videos hosted in Vimeo (besides YouTube)
  • Several Bug Fixes

October, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Read only projects: introduced “read only projects” which act as “templates” that can be used to explore certain features and paste into your own projects
  • Target Heatmap: Users can show Heatmap for any Target / Trigger image to get additional feedback on the tracking quality.
  • Several Bug Fixes (e.g. “duplicate” Status of a WonderPage now gets shown immediately,  issue with saving changes in User Profiles is solved)

September, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Asset Manager: For Audio and 3D objects. Including Christmas Assets.
  • Added new Twitter augmentation: Embed Tweet and Timeline.
  • Several Bug Fixes
Mobile Apps
  • Added new Twitter augmentation: Embed Tweet and Timelinets

August, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Added new Augmentation Type “Audio”
  • Added new feature “Performance Indicator”
  • Enabled “Continue Playing” for HTML fragments: When the tracking is lost, play the HTML augmentation full screen
Mobile Apps
  • Upgraded to Augmentation Engine 1.12.01, Android/ iOS 2.1.8
  • Both Apps have been updated with the latest version of the SDK and the architecture has been adjusted accordingly
  • Adjust Brightness in 3D Scene: Models should appears brighter in the App
  • New Augmentation Type – Audio
  • Continue Playing for HTML fragments
  • Several Bug Fixes

July, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Applied some minor updates to Reporting / Analytics section
  • Enable new WonderPage Type “Special Page” that allows for the upload of a file with own augmentation engine and HTML Based Content (currently only in use with some selectesd apps)
  • Complete rewrite of Editor – performance improvements and bug fixing
Mobile Apps
  • Augmentation Engine 1.11.11, Android/ iOS 2.1.7
  • Added Support for “Special Pages”

June, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Possible to set separate demo link for each custom app
  • Several bug fixes
Mobile Apps
  • added demo pages button
  • enabled app for Cloud image recognition

May, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Added new WonderPage type “Light”. This page type opens (after recognizing a target image) the web browser and redirects user to website.
  • Updated version of 3D renderer
  • Various bug fixes and improvements mainly within reporting and user activation / trial registration
  • Preparation for adding new content types in upcoming release
Mobile Apps
  • Various bug fixes in augmentation engine
  • Improved user experience in contact form

April, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Added first version of usage reporting / statistics – logged in users have now access to a new dashboard, which aggregates main KPIs (like installs, views, number of interactions, most active countries, …), as well as 3 overview tables (showing detailed information on apps, projects and WonderPages)
  • Changed design of starting page after login
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Mobile Apps
  • User interface is now available in different languages (English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish)
  • Changed app tutorial
  • Updated image recognition
  • Improved stability and performance

January, 2019

genARate Studio
  • Added functionality to publish WonderPages in different languages
  • Added new feature to self register for trial accounts
  • Added visual feedback on status of WonderPage (new, pending, published)
  • Redesign of studio entry page
  • UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Mobile Apps
  • Support for content internationalization (view WonderPages in different languages based on user settings)
  • Improved stability and performance

November, 2018

genARate Studio
  • Added animations for augmentation (On Scan & On Tracking Lost)
  • Added animations for actions (animations on buttons actions)
  • Added ability to chain button actions
  • Added pagination to Projects/WonderPages overview
  • Added support for HTTPS links in button actions
  • Show number of total/published WonderPages on the Project card in the Projects overview
  • UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Mobile Apps
  • Restructure Scan Page architecture for more efficient resource management and improve stability
  • GDPR compliance
  • General code refactoring to take advantage of Java 8 syntax
  • Solved crash that was affecting some devices when the load of the initial response was interrupted
  • Solved issue with crash when download process was interrupted on the Main Activity
  • Solved issue with not being able to test unpublished WonderPages that were copied and pasted
  • Several minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • New caching system based on Apple’s native Core Data framework
  • Overall system architecture improvement

August, 2018

genARate Studio
  • Augmentation type “Button”: added support to call multiple actions on multiple objects from single button
  • Added copy/paste feature for WonderPages
  • Allow creation of multiple WonderPages with the same Trigger (only one of them can be published at the same time)
  • Implemented support for new format of 3D augmentations
  • Performance improvements
  • Several minor bug fixes and UI improvements
Mobile Apps
  • Redesigned user interface including new scan animation
  • Added Tutorial link to the home screen
  • Implemented support for different versions of the augmentation engine
  • Improved error feedback

May, 2018

genARate Studio
  • Complete UI/UX Redesign
  • Added new feature “Align Augmentations”
  • Added new feature “Copy/Paste Augmentations”
  • Added new feature “Undo/Redo functionality inside WonderPage editor”
Mobile Apps
  • Improve stability of augmentation tracking
  • Solved bug that will cause that app on some devices to crash when the internet connectivity was intermittent.