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Keep client happiness up, bring costs down

As an agency, you always want to have the best tools possible at your disposal so that no client request can catch you "off guard". With genARate, we thought about the needs agencies have and we've made it easy to manage & report on multiple accounts.

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WOW your clients with 3D experiences

Creating new, interactive, and truly engaging materials for your clients can be challenging over time.

With genARate, transforming content into AR experiences is as easy as creating a "traditional" Landing page. Take the step forward and amaze your clients with all the possibilities Augmented Reality has to offer. Go from 2D to 3D in no time at all.

AR content made easy

If you can do PowerPoint, you can do AR

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From standard to standout

As an agency, you always need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to address clients' needs before they even become apparent. With genARate you can easily stay on top of things and WOW your clients with ideas that take their existing content to new levels.

Our built-in analytics will help you to manage & report on multiple client projects all in one place.

Stay ahead of the curve

Keep costs down and client happiness up.

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The features you will love

Best in class image recognition

Our built-in image recognition technology allows you to create seamless 3D immersion for your users.

Limitless content type possibilities

You'd like to integrate genARate into your app? Use our SDK to integrate genARate functionality into any existing app, making it even more powerful and engaging.


Thorough help center & support that is always there for you. Get the help and training you need to succeed with AR content creation.

No code, yet code friendly solution

You don't need to write a single line of code in order to create your AR experiences. For the coders among our users, we let you inject any code you want into your creations.

Fully web-based

You don't need to download anything to get started. Access genARate and your creations from anywhere, at any time.

Reporting made easy

Our built-in analytics will report anything you need to know about the performance of your projects. You're an agency managing multiple client accounts? - no problem!

Tailor made solution

You want to get started with AR content creation, but not sure how or simply lack the know-how? Contact us for a tailor-made and fully customized service.

Future proof

Regular updates that don't require you to download or do anything! We're always working on keeping genARate future proof.